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Although window tinting (or film) may appear to be a cosmetic upgrade for your car, it offers numerous practical advantages that offer enduring protection for both you and your vehicle. It is important to think about shielding your car’s interior (and your loved ones) with window film, just as you prioritize maintaining your car’s engine through periodic check-ups and upkeep.

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Standard Window Tinting/Films

Basic Dyed

These films provide a more subdued tint compared to high-performance options and are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their vehicle.


Premium Ceramic Films


XR Black ensures an impeccable appearance by being the closest match to your factory tint. It provides exceptional clarity over the years while blocking up to 88% of infrared heat.


XPEL XR Plus Ceramic Film 

When it comes to window tinting, starting at the top is a wise choice. Choosing a high-quality option can provide superior benefits such as keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable during your journeys, regardless of your destination.


How dark do you want to go?

Window Tinting

10% VLT

When opting for a tint level of 10%, you're venturing into the realm of "limo tint," producing an exceptionally deep shade and appearance for your vehicle.

Window Tinting

20% VLT

A tint level of 20% will produce a noticeably darker appearance for your car windows. This option is situated on the darker end of our spectrum of popular film shades.

Window Tinting

30% VLT

You'll begin to observe a considerably darker tint around the 30% mark. However, this is still one of the lighter options among our popular shades.

Window Tinting

40% VLT

A window film with a 40-50% tint is relatively light, resulting in a subtle shading effect on the windows.


Here are some of our happy customers who have trusted us with their Ceramic Coatings.

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