Window Tinting Services

Although window tinting (or film) may appear to be a cosmetic upgrade for your car, it offers numerous practical advantages that offer enduring protection for both you and your vehicle. It is important to think about shielding your car’s interior (and your loved ones) with window film, just as you prioritize maintaining your car’s engine through periodic check-ups and upkeep.

Ford car detailing services

Standard Window Tinting/Films

Basic Dyed

These films provide a more subdued tint compared to high-performance options and are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their vehicle.

Premium Ceramic Films


XR Black ensures an impeccable appearance by being the closest match to your factory tint. It provides exceptional clarity over the years while blocking up to 88% of infrared heat.


XPEL XR Plus Ceramic Film 

When it comes to window tinting, starting at the top is a wise choice. Choosing a high-quality option can provide superior benefits such as keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable during your journeys, regardless of your destination.


How dark do you want to go?

Window Tinting

10% VLT

When opting for a tint level of 10%, you're venturing into the realm of "limo tint," producing an exceptionally deep shade and appearance for your vehicle.

Window Tinting

20% VLT

A tint level of 20% will produce a noticeably darker appearance for your car windows. This option is situated on the darker end of our spectrum of popular film shades.

Window Tinting

30% VLT

You'll begin to observe a considerably darker tint around the 30% mark. However, this is still one of the lighter options among our popular shades.

Window Tinting

40% VLT

A window film with a 40-50% tint is relatively light, resulting in a subtle shading effect on the windows.


Here are some of our happy customers who have trusted us with their Ceramic Coatings.

Our Maumee Reviews

Mitchell ScottMitchell Scott
17:00 06 Oct 22
To me quality service is really important, and when I pay a company for their services, I expect to receive the same level of service I would provide my own customers. As usual, that’s exactly what I received from the crew at Ecoshine Detailing. They absolutely killed it on my truck with a 2 step paint correction and 3 year ceramic coating. It’s absolutely flawless work. If you need detailing done at a fair price in a reasonable time frame then they are the only call you need to make.Thanks guys!
22:22 11 Aug 22
Left my windows down during a heavy rain so I ran the truck over so have them remove the water and went ahead and had a full detail done on the ole girl. Great people and they did a fantastic job on my truck. Thanks guys!
Kevin RuppKevin Rupp
18:14 05 Aug 22
First time having my vehicle detailed and I landed on Ecoshine as I’ve heard positive things. I drive a 2021 Ford F-150 Supercrew with about 30k miles for reference. I selected Ecoshine’s full “the works” interior and exterior detail for ~$350 before tax. Their website was easy to use and clear as far as scheduling, payment, drop off and pick-up times. I was instructed to drop off the vehicle at 8am like I selected and upon drop-off was told by personnel to expect a 2pm to 3pm pick-up. I received a text at noon stating the vehicle was finished, to my surprise. Upon pulling up at Ecoshine the exterior of the truck just sparkled from the parking lot. It looked just as good as the day I bought it. I had just returned from a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, so the interior needed some TLC from all the sandy beaches. Overall, a great job. Getting in for the first time, I have WeatherTech floor mats and they were quite slick with whatever cleaner was used. I was a bit taken aback by the slickness from other cleaners I’ve used for all-weather mats. I find my shoes slip while on the gas pedal. The gas pedal, door seals, interior door sills, and the rear-passenger seat still have dirt in their crevices. Other areas, such as between the front seat and center console, were meticulously cared for and spotless however. I have a tonneau cover installed to cover the bed and it received a nice coating to bring its color back. To my disappointment the rear bed once opened was untouched. My truck has half the interior cabin size of a large SUV (which quotes at the same price as my truck) and would have been cleaned. I would have at least liked to see the rear bed sprayed out. No items or large/excessive debris were left behind to impede this. Overall, in short, a good job. But I should have perhaps asked more questions about what items would be cleaned and I would have liked to see more attention to door sills/ seals. I’ll try to come back and attach pictures.
Del Y.Del Y.
17:30 08 May 22
My car was clean and shiny when I picked it up. Paid for Stage 3 paint correction and a 1 year ceramic coat. Sadly they didn't get all of the scratches out, but I'm happy with the result compared to before and after.
Troy WahlTroy Wahl
13:05 23 Mar 22
The guys at Ecoshine are true professionals in the word. I was given a very thorough explanation about the services best suited for my car. I was able to get exactly what I needed at a price that was competitive with other places. Thanks to Justin and Austin for their time and expertise!
Michael WisemanMichael Wiseman
20:36 18 Jan 23
This was my first time bringing my car to EcoShine and they did a fantastic job. I purchased the monthly package, and I’m looking forward to taking my car and my wife’s car here regularly. This is much better than any of the automated car washes around!!
Briana UrbaniakBriana Urbaniak
20:02 17 Jan 23
Ecoshine was top notch, picked up my vehicle and even dropped it off back to me at work just so I was able to get it done, even while working! Thanks for going the extra mile for me and still leaving my car smelling amazing! Stains from my kids, they were able to get out without a doubt. Highly recommend this great team of people!!!
Casey WalkerCasey Walker
13:32 13 Jan 23
Had ceramic coating and protective film installed. Guys were very professional and finished product is amazing!
barb wainerbarb wainer
21:35 06 Jan 23
I made an appointment for auto detailing and I thought the the price included the exterior of the car. They did have to add $25 extra for excess dog hair clean up. I did understand that, but I felt that the price was high for just an interior clean. I did talk with Austin, who tried to resolve the misunderstanding by offering a free car wash and they also recleaned frontInterior windows.The job was done well. I realize that everything is expensive now. Austin was very professional and did his best to make things right.
Courtney ClarkCourtney Clark
17:43 14 Nov 22
I’ve never been more satisfied with a service in my life. They were prompt, efficient, and polite.They made things right that wasn’t even their fault… these people go out of their way to make sure you have a satisfied experience I will never go elsewhere for a detail, as long as I am breathing ! And it’s cost effective, what more can a person want. If you are considering trying them out, I myself vouch for them, and can guarantee you will not regret it. And I feel like a brand new woman. 🙂 in my car feels brand new as well!